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Dhruv - Retrograde

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Dhruv - Retrograde
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  • Добавлено: 11 январь 2023
Текст песни

Meet me at our corner after dark

I swear this city's never seen a light as bright as ours

It's taking every fiber of our beings to fend it off

But how long can this go on?

Rode the early thrills of secrecy

When you're with your friends

I'm just a passing stranger on the street

These pent-up feelings brim inside

Until I'm shoulder-deep

And calling for a lifeboat

Wish I didn't know this pain (oh-oh)

Lovers caught in retrograde (oh-oh)

The more we go against the grain

The more it hurts

All in retrograde

Love in retrograde

Movie night I'll sneak in through the back

I know the drill

We spare your mom and dad the heart attack

Their pride and joy

You're framed in every corner of this flat

And I'd never fit the picture

Yeah we're talking about our day in the sun

Like it's imminent

Though I suspect it'll never come

Keeping our hopes

That this isn't a false start

Is it time to face the facts?