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Yeat - Out thë way

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Yeat - Out thë way
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  • Добавлено: 11 январь 2023
Текст песни

(Pull up lil' bitch like—, I-I’m—)

Pull up lil' bitch like, "Yeah," huh

I bought a Urus today, uh-huh

Paint it all yellow, look like a bird (I-I'm—)

Inside big body, two times two, my money, bitch, all I got (I-I’m working on dying)

Yeah, I make money, my thot-thot-thot 'bout to fold that money all up (BNYX, ooh)

Yeah, I'm swervin' it daily (Ooh, oh)

Yeah, I'm causin' a madness (Ooh, oh)

Yeah, I'm fu*kin' the baddest, uh

Yeah, I bought me the Crowdless (Ooh, oh)

I bought me the gems

Yeah, I never need practice (Ooh, oh)

My money gon’ double or triple, yeah, your money subtractin’ (Ooh, oh)

Yeah, peeled off on the jakes, peeled off on the cops, peeled off on a swerve (Ooh, oh)

Yeah, I ain't even fu*kin’ with nobody, bitch got a crib in the 'burbs (Ooh, oh)

Yeah, this shit could've gone so bad, this shit could've gotten the worse, yeah (Ooh, oh)

Yeah, free YSL out the chain gang, big fu*k 12, they birds (Brr)

I ran up my money the most, I’m richer than all of the nerds (Yeah)

Yeah, I'm flexin' a big bankroll, these knots in my pockets, it hurt (Big bankroll)

I had to change up the Tonka, this bitch, it kept ripping the curb 'til it burn (Skrrt)

Twenty-four seven, I steady be poppin' these pillies, these muhfu*kin' Percs

I think I'm Osama, lil' bitch, yeah, the way that I blew up and left on the Earth (Bang)

I hope that you don't think you could just rock with the gang, you can't come over here (No way)

You can try pullin' up on us lil' bitch (Ooh), you get hit with a muhfu*kin' AR (Oh)

I don't even be postin' no pics on the Instagram, bitch, I just muhfu*kin' stay out (Ooh, oh)

Bitch, if you do it like me, if you do it like us, you gon' get a big payout (Ooh, oh)

You can be stuck in the mix with a couple lil' blicks, but it's always a way out (Hey, hey, I-I'm—)