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Hanni El Khatib - Come Alive

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Hanni El Khatib - Come Alive
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  • Добавлено: 16 январь 2023
Текст песни

I've been waitin'

Waitin' and wishin'

Wishin' and hopin'

Hopin' you'll come alive for me tonight, babe.

Whoa oh god, come alive

You've been lyin'

Lyin' and cheatin'

Cheatin' and breakin'

Breakin' this trend until you know you're guilty

Guilty of all goddamn lies.

But I don't wanna talk about it.

So I'm just bein' bad cause

There's no love like a love like this

‘Cause a love don't exist when a boy wanna play

So whoa oh oh whoa oh oh whoa oh oh...

Oh god, come on

Carolina, come and get me

Alabama, Mississippi

I know you need to find some refuge with me.


You can't just sleep walk

Can't just sweet talk

New York Sunshine