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Måneskin - Kool Kids

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Måneskin - Kool Kids
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  • Добавлено: 20 январь 2023
Текст песни

Well, kool kids, they do not use floss

Marry me in the countryside

Honestly, I don't give a fu*k

I'm addicted to rock'n'roll, yeah

Drinks up, beers up, make a toast for me

I am scum, real scum, but I'm good at this

We're not punk, we're not pop, we're just music freaks

Spent two months in U.K. but I don't drink gin

Check my origins mate

Well, kool kids, they do not use drugs

Only weed cause it's not that strong

I'm a bitch and I have much fun

And I like doing things I love, yeah

Cause I love that

Kool kids, kool kids

Kool kids, we are kool kids

Kool kids, kool kids

Kool kids only fu*k kool kids