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Chlöe - Pray It Away

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Chlöe - Pray It Away
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  • Добавлено: 27 январь 2023
Текст песни

he option's violence, don't make me choose lead

God knows my heart, I'm wildin', wildin'

So close to doin' somethin'

Maybe I should go and take it to church (Uh)

And wash it away 'cause I want that nigga to hurt

But I'ma just pray it away before I give him what he deserves first

Oh-oh (Oh-oh), oh-oh (Oh-oh), oh-oh-oh-oh (Ooh-ooh)

Take it to church

I am not trippin', I know he disloyal

Should've let him trick on me, not really love him

'Cause when thing go bad that's when I get crazy

And when I get angry, the gun is off safety

No, I'm not perfect, I'm overdramatic

I feel what I feel so my actions may vary

That's on my soul, I lost my halo, my halo is gone

I'm on the road