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  • Добавлено: 10 март 2023
Текст песни

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Yeah (Ah-ah)

I know we got the (Ah-ah)

The night finally started waking me up alarm

Right here, tonight, in action, get wild

You make me out of control, shakin' me like a tremolo

So that it can't be denied

It's like a symphony of you and me, can you hear me?

Baby, got the thrills, baby, got the thrills (Got the thrills, bring it, bring it)

Let me show you a whole new world, yeah

Take this trembling, take it

So let's rock and roll, babe

It matches my eyes, babe

Babe, feel the rhythm, oh

Leave you to your instincts

I don't know if it's absurd, babe

My little strange feelings

It's different from yesterday

Hey, there's no stoppin' me