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KAI - Rover

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KAI - Rover
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  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Добавлено: 14 март 2023
Текст песни

Come on and hashtag me

I got your attention

That face you make is familiar

You can't figure me out

You sniff around for gossip, I bite back

Blah, blah

Even if you come shake me up

I just don't give a thing, you're still a fake

Let's just stay in our own lanes

Take a ride with me

Do you wish to be free?

The wind will take you anywhere

Stop, I'm throwing away my name

Mr. Rover, rover, rover

I'm coming over over over

Call me Rover, rover, rover

I'm coming over

Throwing away my name, "Mr."

Walk it however I want

Let the looks just roll off your back

Rover, rover, rover

I'm coming over, over, over

Ayy, your questions

Full of doubts now gotta all stop, yeah

Put down the silly suspicions, uh

We don't need to be a chatterbox