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Superstar - Painting Pictures

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Superstar - Painting Pictures
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  • Добавлено: 14 март 2023
Текст песни


(GlobalKnockz got the recipe)

Ayy, just thinking 'bout the way you make me feel

It's so, it's so real

2 AM, the night still young

You live by the gun, you gon' die by the gun

Ain't no handouts for nobody

When I ain't had shit, they ain't offer me nothin'

When I'm quiet, I be thinking 'bout killings

A lot of niggas bitch-made, stay in they feelings

Saving these hoes, this shit here pitiful

All these lil' bitty bitches my chillens, ooh

And mama, don't worry

You raised a gangster, I'm a survivor

It hurt me not being able to give you what you want

Since I was a toddler

Shoutout to my pops for all the free game

Everything you ever told me, it stuck in my brain

Real OG status and like to make a change

Shedded tears writin' this, seen so much pain