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Текст песни

Aziz (Aziz, Aziz)




Take me back to when I lost my job, I told 'em, "Fu*k you" (Fu*k you)

I came from a place where there's nobody to look up to (Up to)

We weren't broke together, tell me how the fu*k I trust you? (Trust you)

I left mama house, bitch, I ain't have nowhere to run to (Run to)

Who the fu*k gon' pay my bills, ho?

I ain't even did my nails, ho

You gon' make me beat your ass, at sixteen, I done had to pay my bail, ho

Dryin' my clothes on the radiator (Shee)

Movin' in silence, can't wake the neighbor

Duckin' the staties in aviators, I just put my city on, you thank me later (Grr, baow)

Bitch, I had to forеign the whip (Skrr)