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Freddie Dredd - WTH

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Freddie Dredd - WTH
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  • Добавлено: 12 май 2023
Текст песни

I-I-I-I'm from Hell

Deep within the darkest place you'll ever be

I'm from Hell

Do the shit that demons do and make you bleed

I'm from Hell

Make you witness shit that you won't wanna see

What the hell?

All you stupid little bitches botherin' me

Walked out of that gate like I'm crazy

I'm the Freddie, man

I ain't got no murder plans

I see you once and never again

I'm the type of muhfucka slit ya throat and hear you choke

Shut the fuck up, stupid bloke

I light the dark and then I smoke

No chase, I got it, man

Got the Glock up in my hand

Bussin' out the roof

I chipped your tooth and now you crying, damn

I don't know the time

I keep staying on my grind

Couple 40s in my back

As I creep up, stab your back