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Gunna - Umean

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Gunna - Umean
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  • Добавлено: 23 июль 2023
Текст песни

Young Gunna Wunna back, callin' me splurge

Watch me jump right off the curb

Bentley Spur fly like a bird

Spin on the first and the third

Solid, I'm keepin' my word

Can't be my equal, I don't know what you heard

Crank up the foreign, I swerve

Keep me a stick if they purge

Ha, ha, ha, ha

Ha, ha, ha, ha

Young Gunna Wunna, they workin' my nerves

I'm 'bout to pour up some syrup

Fuckin' this bitch like a perv'

Smack from the back, grab her perm

Ice, the burr, uh, shittin' on all you lil' turds

Can't take that dick, wait your turn

In my own lane, we can't merge

Suck with no hands, you can learn

Let's see how much you can earn

Watch me go big like the Worm

And I ain't smokin' no sherm

I'm in this bitch with P Litty, QP, QP-ski